QTM - Quick Tip Monday (Facebook Events)

If you are a small business you often have community events where people will come to your place of business and either get access to specials, discounts, or a place for customers to come and meet each-other! For one of our recent customers we ran an event for what they call a “Fit Night.” Members of the community come together and they have a designated course to all run together! This gets people outside and involved. We ran the event as a “published” event on Facebook. People can then RSVP or say they are interested in going to the event. On the day of, it will remind the individuals if they RSVP or designate they’re interested. Here are the results of our event…

  • 34 people said they were “going” to attend

  • 102 said they were “interested” in attending

Now, by creating an ad for the event we were able to get in front of 3,545 people and a total of 12,350 total impressions. Simply, an impression on Facebook is how many times the same person saw an ad . it. In this case, roughly 4 times per person. We had 46 event responses and only spent $87.48 in this specific events ad, outside of organic post reach. Now, here is the coolest part. We can in the future… RETARGET, which we have talked about before in prior blog posts, EVERYONE who stated they went or were interested. This makes sure the events build on each other every time. We were able to get this companies largest attendance ever for this specific event!

If you are a business and aren’t constantly promoting events and then actually running them as ads, you are definitely missing out. I rarely see businesses do this. I keep a keen eye out because it is what we do! Take advantage of this tactic today!