Why companies hire Omni Digital Group? Reason #2

Frequency. In our reason #1 we talked about that you MUST get out of obscurity! As a business people HAVE to know you. But, after you get people to at least know who you are you have to keep reminding them. Coca Cola spends over $4 billion dollars a year on their advertising budget. Now, they are a global brand that EVERYONE knows about. But, they keep spending money. Why? Because you have to be frequent with people. How does Omni Digital help you with this?

As a business you are busy. Most of the reasons as to why a business hires us is because as one customer said, “I just don’t want to deal with it.” They are a retailer spending 10 hours a day focused on their core business. They don’t have the time to handle posting 2 times a day which is the frequency we post for our clients. Now imagine, if we post 700+ times per year what this would do for your business. Even if you sold a product and sold one at a $100 value per post (which it’ll be more), that is $70,000 in new business. What is that worth to you on your bottom line net? If you post 3 times a week that is 156 posts per year on Facebook and Instagram. That is $15,600 in new sales JUST because you posted less frequently. That is a $54,400 difference in sales. Not to mention the life time value of these clients typically in retail, our core focus, is HUGE.

Allow Omni Digital Group to help you with our core two services, Instagram advertising and Facebook advertising. Our pricing fits in anyones budget and we will get you sales and results!

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