Why Companies hire Omni Digital Group? Reason #1

The single biggest mistake I see businesses make especially the smaller businesses we work with is they don’t truly realize how great of a time we live in for branding and advertising. With the current state of the internet and platforms such as Facebook and Instagram being so cheap where you can reach 35 year old soccer Mom's in Louisville, KY it is just an incredible time for pennies not to mention. Smaller companies need to pour every dollar they can afford to in social media advertising and marketing because the cost will only go up as larger and larger companies catch on with their big budgets and push up the price.

Your single biggest problem as a company is obscurity. Period. If someone does not know you exist, it is impossible to buy from you. Your second biggest problem is that people have FORGOTTEN about you. Meaning, they know you exist, “Oh yeah, I’ve heard of that company.” But, they forgot you are on 123 Main St. in a specific town. At Omni Digital, we put together a plan with you and get you OUT of obscurity. What do I mean by this? It is SO simple, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  1. Create a video on Facebook.

  2. Run this video against your target audience as an advertisement through Ads Manager.

  3. Retarget that audience on Facebook and Instagram (we’ve all had this happen where we see an ad for a company we just researched 😁)

  4. Watch the sales come in as you nurture the customers with content.

That simple. You turn an audience from cold, too warm, too hot.

This is our simple methodology for getting our customers out of obscurity. Just other other day I had this exact text from a customer word for word. “Someone just came in and bought $375 worth of product ALL because they kept seeing “over and over again” ads and posts on Facebook!” Huge. Also, it is about repetition. Unless you are getting in front of the customer day after day, it will not be successful.

“To get out of obscurity, consistency and repetition is key.”

Now, go out and execute and transition your TRADITIONAL ad dollars (print, radio, and TV) into social ad dollars. Specifically, Facebook and Instagram. Over 2,000,000,000 active daily users across the platforms…

Be great.

Kody Fitzjerrells