Creating 25 different Facebook Ads

When it comes to creating ads on Facebook a lot of the companies we work with ask what types of ads to create and how many. When I talk with potential clients one of the things I break down for them is how to make ads contextual to the audience you are placing the ads in front of. What do I mean by that? Well, how do you know if someone will like red vs blue color of your product? Product X vs product Y vs product Z? You must create 15-20 ads per ad set inside of Facebook Ads Manager to find this out.

As you can see below, for one client we created 84 different ads in a MONTH. Why you may ask? Well, here is the coolest aspect of Facebook ads in my opinion. You can SHUT OFF ads that are not performing as well and leave ONLY the high quality, lowest cost ads running. Why is this beneficial? You will reach more people for a lower cost. But, if you never test, you will never know how good your ad is really running. Compared to what? When you create at least 10-15 ads is our recommendation, you can actually split test these ads.

Would love to have a 10-15 minute conversation with you and how we can accomplish this for your company! We are here to grow your business and add value to you! We often times give our best ideas away for FREE! :)

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