Targeting and Audiences

When it comes to Facebook advertising we help our clients break down their advertising audiences into three basic buckets:

  1. Warm

  2. Hot

  3. Cold

What does this mean? We always start clients with their low hanging fruit. Why? Because it is going to have the highest ROI. Who is more likely to purchase? An individual who hasn’t purchased from you in the last 90 days but HAS purchased OR someone who has NEVER purchased from your company? It sounds obvious but, we show our customers how to place advertisements in front of those people most likely to buy.

What are examples? Let’s say you are a retailer from shoes, to bikes, to food goods. Here are three examples:

  1. Warm - Someone who has visited your website in the last 180 days

  2. Hot - A customers who regularly purchases from you

  3. Cold - Someone who has NEVER engaged with your brand or has very little

At Omni Digital Group we help you capitalize on the warm and hot audiences to increase your advertising ROI. Let us help you today and even if you set up a free call, we will give you these ideas even if you don’t work with us. We want to help small and medium sized businesses be successful. Give us a call today!