Why 95% of Local Businesses Are Failing Miserably with Marketing

Would you be excited about the potential to double or even triple your business revenue (in a relatively short period of time)? It may sound like a bold goal but by reading this you will learn the key strategies weekly over time and begin to become a master of marketing your business to your customers and accomplish your goals.

This is about getting you real measurable results and scaling your business. It is not about how to increase your business by 10% per year. Our goal here at Omni Digital Group is to arm you with the tools that can double or triple your business and give you consistent flow of new leads coming in.

Ready for a key strategy in how we can make your business explode? Here it is, DON'T focus on Search engine optimization or SEO for your local business. Instead the best strategy is to get to the top of Google when someone is searching for the solution your business provides to their immediate problem in 15 minutes, not the 6 months it would take when you are constantly trying to increase your search results.

Google AdWords, the advertising side of Google can do just for you. Imagine, if you are a restaurant, plumber, dentist, surgeon, etc. and someone search for the problem you solve. They are searching NOW and they want a solution typically, NOW as well!

We can show you how to put $1 into advertising for your business and see a $2-3 ROI on that spend. We have many success stories for companies around the Dubuque, Iowa area and would love to help your small business as well.

Ask yourself this, what would it do for your small business to show up as #1 in all local Google search results? How much could your company grow. How about knowing what your competitors are doing?

Be Great