How to get 300 new leads for your business in under 1 month for less than $150...

When it comes to small business it can be daunting to get new customers in the door and increase business with first time customers. If you have your steady stream of regulars but want customers coming to your business for the first time the perfect solution is to think of a special contest you can run within your business where you give away something your customers value. For example, if you were a local golf course you could give away a free round of golf every week for the entire season you were open. We recently did this for a locally owned golf course and the results were amazing. We want to put below these results so you can see first hand and experience it in your business.

• 310 people entered the contest (We acquired 310 new email address for marketing and retargeting for future sales for the client) 
• 1,700 people saw the actual campaign and went to the page
• 424 people liked the post
• 65 people commented
• 137 people shared the actual contest link
• 642 people engaged with the actual post
• 16,075 people saw the actual post + 70,000 people from shared posts
• $130 spend for actual campaign
• 32% increase in Facebook fans
• $ 1,200 in documented sales from this one campaign
• 9x ROI from campaign

Now, go and get these results for your business and take action!

Be great,