Facebook Pixels

Imagine, being able to target every single person who comes to your website with a direct advertisement or campaign to them on Facebook with your products or services. Powerful right? This is exactly what we are going to talk about and how you can get a better return on investment with your ad spend. How is this possible? Because naturally when you are only targeting people who have visited your website versus people who have never engaged with you it will yield much better results.

What is a Facebook Pixel you may be asking yourself? Simply put, it is a piece of code you simply install into each of your websites, links, landing pages, etc (Any URL you use for targeting customers) and then what Facebook does is puts this data into your businesses ad manager account on Facebook under "Website custom audience". Now, lets give you some real life examples of what we have helped customers accomplish.

Let's say you are a restaurant and you are looking to increase the traffic to your website. What if it would be possible to target people who have downloaded your menu a direct advertisement with weekly specials, dinner promotions, or a coupon for a FREE dessert with the purchase of 2 entrees? Wouldn't this make more sense than a random target.

We can target based off of people who go to your website, a specific page, people who haven't visited in a certain amount of time, etc. Also, people who have visited certain web pages but not others which is very powerful.

Let's say you own a Yoga studio and you want to find out who searched what on your page and took actions on special promotions you are running. We could track who went to the page for "Private events" vs "Schedule a class". Don't you think this would be a totally different audience? 

Below is exactly how you would install a Facebook Pixel. We hope you enjoyed this article and will continue to seek Omni Digital Group as your source for business growth information. 


We hope this was helpful and stay tuned next week to find out how you can target businesses, yes business, directly through Facebook for your business!

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