4 Ways to Grow a Local Business

  1. Boosting a post through your page – When you create a business page for your company you can create a post, pick an audience for that post (your local city within a 10-mile radius). Then you know that little blue button that says, “boost post” on your page? You can reach hundreds of people for as little as $3 per day. When you do, this create an offer that grabs people’s attention and lower the barrier to entry for them to come into your company. You can do this with images or videos. Imagine, showcasing your company with a video of a chef making food or someone making your product or a customer testimonial. Another idea is to boost your post to people who like your page and their friends. What this will do is create social proof when people see that their friends like your page. Another major benefit to this is the branding you will create through consistent posting. Use copy like, “Hey Dubuque!” to make your customer stop in their tracks and choose your business.


  1. Local Service – How can you lower the barrier to entry for a customer to engage with your business? Let’s use multiple examples, a chiropractor could offer a free consultation and then upsell once customer is there. A dentist could offer a free teeth whitening and once the client is in the chair up sell multiple products and get them to come in for consistent teeth cleanings and checkups. Here are multiple different ideas to grab someone’s attention
    1. Link to a blog post on a problem you help solve (Imagine being able to tell who read the article and then re target them to come into your company, this is possible.)
    2. Sending people to separate landing page and use the Facebook pixel to segment this audience.
    3. Testimonials of customers with a video ad
    4. How can you show any type of social proof?


  1. Events – Live events at your company is a great way to get people to engage with your ideal customer. Car dealerships, churches, open houses for schools, concerts, etc. can use this very thing. Imagine, having a meet and greet event with your customer and create buzz around an event. Simply promote the event near you and target people with kids, when their car lease is about to expire, are a follower of even your competitors fan pages. Imagine, being able to steal your competitor’s fans! This is possible.


  1. Sweepstakes – This is the easiest way to grow your business. Simply, think about a massive giveaway you can do for your business. For an HVAC company, give away an AC system or a furnace. If you are a restaurant, give away free lunch for a year. If you are a shoe store give away a free pair of shoes. Then, send these people to a landing page and collect either emails and phone numbers. Then, upload these people to Facebook and advertise directly to them. Only, 5-10% of your target customers is in the market for your product. How do you nurture these? Imagine, running a contest/sweepstakes and collecting 300 emails, then, giving the winner the grand prize and sending a 20% off coupon to everyone else. If your product is $100 on average and 20% of people redeem you just instantly created $4,800 in sales. This is the key question, what does your client really want but won’t buy for themselves?
    1. This is perfect for any of the businesses: Plumbing, car dealerships, landscaping, garage installation, flooring, car wash, etc.
    2. Here is the absolute BEST way to build quick revenue. What can you upsell that is inexpensive for your customer that will get them to exchange money with you.
    3. Lastly, you must have a good call to action with anything you do. What action do you want your customer to take? Buy now? Call now? Learn more?