3 Steps to Facebook Video Ads!

Attention small business owners! Do you want to attract more customers and acquire them at the lowest cost possible? Video ads are your way to accomplish this. When it comes to your business video ads work perfect for a number of reasons. First and foremost, if you own and operate a local business you want everyone in your community to "know" who you are, know what you look like and understand what you offer them that can solve a problem. Let's go ahead and outline three steps to crush your Facebook ads!

1. The first 10 seconds

How do you grab your audience's attention in under 10 seconds? There are a number of different ways. First, you can actually add captions to your image that will word for word transcript everything. Also, you can create fun visuals at the start of your campaign. I have also seen with our clients campaigns when you include a person in the beginning it blends in better with people's news feed and can get you better results and a 10 relevance score. 

2. Educate, demonstrate, and/or entertain

Does your company have more of a fun product or do you have a product that needs a lot of explaining for your ideal target customer to take action? You also want to make your videos extremely shareable. Why? When people share your videos these are all free clicks and impressions. Plus, all of the comments on these shares further increases your engagement which decreases your cost per lead, impression, and overall click which equals a better ROI for your campaign.

3. Call-To-Action (CTA)

The biggest thing you want to do is to make it super easy for your customer to take the action or click where you want them too. The key strategy here is to have a soft Call-To-Action about 25% into the video and then to do a more strong CTA at the end telling them for example, "Click the link" in the text. 

Tomorrow we will talk about the 5 steps to absolutely crush it with Facebook video ads. The nitty gritty stuff so stay tuned!

Be Omni,