10 Ways to Grow your Business with Facebook

1. Facebook Pixel - This is a piece of code you can actually embed into your website that will you allow you to track people, through Facebook, who visit your site.  This allows you to do 2 major things. 1. Put these people into audiences for example, people who visit certain product pages if you are an ecommerce store or service page if you do local concrete or HVAC work. 2. It allows you to optimize for conversions if you want someone to go to a certain page. Say you are a cupcake bakery and you want people to buy more corporate cupcakes, you can create an ad telling people to specifically go to this page on your website.

2. Facebook Offers - Ever want to give people $5 off or a buy one get one free deal? Then, see how many people actually claim this offer and have directly measurable ROI? You can do this will Facebook offers. Easily create 4 different types of offers. Buy one get one free, percentage off, dollar amount off or free shipping. 

3. Video Ads - Visually showcase your product or give people a behind the scenes look of your business. We have been able to help clients get to $.01 per video view so very cheap and allows you to target thousands of people on a tight budget. 

4. Canvas Ads - The ability to showcase still picture images and video in the same advertisement gives you the flexibility to properly showcase your company. If you want someone to go to a direct link you can directly do this in the video or picture as well.

5. Email Custom Audience - Do you collect email addresses for your company? You can upload these directly to Facebook. Then, Facebook will actually allow you to advertise directly to these people. This is very powerful when it comes to getting repeat business and increase the average lifetime value of your customers. 

6. Raise your relevance score - When it comes to digital advertising it is allow about how do you decrease your cost per action you want your target customer to take. Do you want them to click on a link? Engage with a post? Well, have a high relevance score on Facebook will do this. Relevance scores on Facebook range from 1-10. 10 being the highest. What happens when you have a 10 relevance score? Facebook will say, people are liking this ad and show it to more people at the lowest possible cost. Plus, it means people are actually interacting with your ad giving you an indication of how it is performing. 

7. Run boosted posts - Ever posted something to your Facebook page and seen the little blue button on the bottom right of your post? Well, if you press "boost" to your Facebook post you can get your post out to your target audience locally or even nationally. You can do this for as little as $1 per day.

8. Live Events - Car dealers, Churches, sporting events, etc. Any business that has a "Live" event appeal to its audience would be successful with this. Hold weekly or monthly events and get an idea of the head count and advertise this to people getting more people to attend. 

9. Giveaway - This works perfect of you are wanting to grow your likes, comments, shares, engagement overall with your brand. Give away a free air conditioner if you do HVAC work, or free round of golf at your golf course or appetizer if you are a restaurant. Why? This will create many people talking about your brand. If you want to get really creative, have people enter in their email and use this to advertise in the future directly through Facebook. 

10. Instant Wins - If you are a restaurant just like above hold a competition when every 100 people who enter in their email or name get a free appetizer. You could literally have 1,000 people enter in days and have this data to use in the future to create thousands of dollars in sales with all for under a $100 investment.

Come back tomorrow for 10 more ways to grow your business through Facebook! 

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