10 More Ways to Grow your business through Facebook

11. Lead Magnets - How can you lower the barrier to entry and risk for your customer to engage with you? How can you break off your product into a smaller piece or service and sell it? For example, a musician giving away one song  or a guitar player who sells music lessons to give away a video teaching how to play a specific chord. 

12. Custom Conversions - Imagine, being able to track every single person who visits your website and the specific web pages they visit AND being able to then put these people into groups and then retargeting them. Let's say you sell apparel ranging from sweatshirts to pants and then targeting people with the specific person visiting those pages.

13. Page Engagement audiences - You can actually develop audiences through Facebook of people who like, comment, share, or even save your page!

14. Look-a-like audiences - What if you could build a list with your best 1,000,000 customers? This is exactly what Look-a-like audiences allow you to do! You can make an exact copy of your customer interests, hobbies, demographics, etc.

15. Website Traffic - Retarget everyone who has visited your website for the last 180 days. Simply, all you have to do is build this list. You can constantly stay top of mind with your customers and make sure they choose you over your competition.  

16. Video View audience - You can target people who have watched 25%, 50%, 75% 95%, or 100% of your videos. Then, retarget people who have watched 100% of your video and know you are targeting people who are very interested in your product. 

17. Saved Audience - There are literally millions of different combinations of demographics, behaviors, interests, and other categories. Want to target people who like lipstick? Or, like your competitors page? How about people who have purchased a children's toy in the last 60 days? You can do that too! Customize anything you can possibly think of.

18. Page Fans - Target people who like your page. Why is this important? If you post on your page currently, only 10-15% of people will see the post. Why? You are competing for your fans attention with paid advertisers on Facebook. If you simply boost to them, you will reach every single one of your fans!

19. Facebook Offer - Want to offer a coupon, giveaway, discount for a restaurant, ice cream parlor, golf course, health coach, etc. You can actually see how many people have claimed the offer and calculate your ROI better as well.

20. Promote Number - Want people to call your business? You can promote your phone number directly from your page to your local area or people on your Facebook page. Do this and watch the customers roll in!

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