What is a bot?

A bot is a total replacement for email marketing. How? Let me explain. When it comes to email marketing your marketing funnel looks something like this - You create a landing page, you have an offer to a client, they opt in with their name and email, and then you try to get them to convert on the back end. Sound familiar?

Now, let me tell you about a recent client we worked with where we used what is called a “bot”. A bot allows you to convert customers inside of a messenger platform. More specifically, Facebook messenger. What we did for this campaign was every single time a person on their Facebook page only commented on the post, we sent them an automated email through Facebook messenger that actually asked them if they wanted a coupon. Then, if they responded yes, we sent them one and instructed them what to do. That simple AND all automatically.

We captured over 300 people we can message anytime through Facebook messenger.

Imagine this - 300 emails where the open rate is 10% OR 300 people you can message on Facebook messenger where the open rate is over 95%? How about that for an ROI…

Utilize this in your business and I promise you will be happy with the result. We recommend ManyChat. See below for a link!