Retargeting - What is it?

Have you ever been on Facebook and seen an advertisement for a product or service you’ve looked at in the last day, week, month? Well, you are the “target” of “retargeting”. Very simply, Facebook has certain audiences you can create to place an ad in front of. Audiences like people who have visited your website, Facebook page, watched a video, or even have bought a product from your store before. Let’s go through my top 3 favorites - Facebook advertising is simple people, don’t let people tell you otherwise. It is ALL about cold, warm and hot audiences and placing a good ad in front of the customer.

  1. Customer File - Did you know you can upload email lists or customer lists into Facebook and then place a targeted advertisement in front of them? If you had 2,000 emails say, that is 2,000 potential people to come and buy your product.

  2. Website Visitors - Did you know you can place an ad in front of a potential customer who has visited your website? Let’s say you have a promotions tab on your website. Say a coupon download, well, don’t you think it would be wise to run ads to these people to help them convert into a paying customer.

  3. Video watchers - On Facebook you can place an ad in front of people who have watched say 75% of a video. When someone watches 75% of a 3 minute video, they are a warm lead and someone who is likely to convert. Place an ad in front of them!

I hope this helps. Please, reach out if you have any questions. We are here to help 10X your business and help your business become Omnipresent - In front of all people.