Why companies hire Omni Digital Group? Reason #2

Frequency. In our reason #1 we talked about that you MUST get out of obscurity! As a business people HAVE to know you. But, after you get people to at least know who you are you have to keep reminding them. Coca Cola spends over $4 billion dollars a year on their advertising budget. Now, they are a global brand that EVERYONE knows about. But, they keep spending money. Why? Because you have to be frequent with people. How does Omni Digital help you with this?

As a business you are busy. Most of the reasons as to why a business hires us is because as one customer said, “I just don’t want to deal with it.” They are a retailer spending 10 hours a day focused on their core business. They don’t have the time to handle posting 2 times a day which is the frequency we post for our clients. Now imagine, if we post 700+ times per year what this would do for your business. Even if you sold a product and sold one at a $100 value per post (which it’ll be more), that is $70,000 in new business. What is that worth to you on your bottom line net? If you post 3 times a week that is 156 posts per year on Facebook and Instagram. That is $15,600 in new sales JUST because you posted less frequently. That is a $54,400 difference in sales. Not to mention the life time value of these clients typically in retail, our core focus, is HUGE.

Allow Omni Digital Group to help you with our core two services, Instagram advertising and Facebook advertising. Our pricing fits in anyones budget and we will get you sales and results!

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Why Companies hire Omni Digital Group? Reason #1

The single biggest mistake I see businesses make especially the smaller businesses we work with is they don’t truly realize how great of a time we live in for branding and advertising. With the current state of the internet and platforms such as Facebook and Instagram being so cheap where you can reach 35 year old soccer Mom's in Louisville, KY it is just an incredible time for pennies not to mention. Smaller companies need to pour every dollar they can afford to in social media advertising and marketing because the cost will only go up as larger and larger companies catch on with their big budgets and push up the price.

Your single biggest problem as a company is obscurity. Period. If someone does not know you exist, it is impossible to buy from you. Your second biggest problem is that people have FORGOTTEN about you. Meaning, they know you exist, “Oh yeah, I’ve heard of that company.” But, they forgot you are on 123 Main St. in a specific town. At Omni Digital, we put together a plan with you and get you OUT of obscurity. What do I mean by this? It is SO simple, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  1. Create a video on Facebook.

  2. Run this video against your target audience as an advertisement through Ads Manager.

  3. Retarget that audience on Facebook and Instagram (we’ve all had this happen where we see an ad for a company we just researched 😁)

  4. Watch the sales come in as you nurture the customers with content.

That simple. You turn an audience from cold, too warm, too hot.

This is our simple methodology for getting our customers out of obscurity. Just other other day I had this exact text from a customer word for word. “Someone just came in and bought $375 worth of product ALL because they kept seeing “over and over again” ads and posts on Facebook!” Huge. Also, it is about repetition. Unless you are getting in front of the customer day after day, it will not be successful.

“To get out of obscurity, consistency and repetition is key.”

Now, go out and execute and transition your TRADITIONAL ad dollars (print, radio, and TV) into social ad dollars. Specifically, Facebook and Instagram. Over 2,000,000,000 active daily users across the platforms…

Be great.

Kody Fitzjerrells

Facebook Live - To do? Or, not to do?

Have you ever tried a Facebook Live on Facebook as a business before? If not, you are missing out on an incredible way to engage with your customers in a way that quite frankly, not many businesses are utilizing to brand themselves. This will allow you to separate yourself from your competitors!

At Omni Digital Group we help our clients and keep them accountable to develop a Facebook Live video strategy. We help them generate ideas to keep the content fresh and help them execute by length recommendations, topics, content to share, Etc.

Here are our top recommendations to help your business get the best result out of doing Facebook Lives!

  1. Plan ahead of time and actually announce you will be doing a live broadcast on your Facebook page.

  2. What type of content should you promote?

    1. Upcoming events

    2. Sales

    3. Promotions

    4. Behind the scenes

    5. Q&A of FAQ’s

    6. DEMO your product

  3. Write a catchy description before you go live of what the broadcast will be about.

  4. Engage with your followers during the actual broadcast and answer any questions they may have.

  5. Close with a strong CTA or a closing phrase to get customers to take the action you desire.

Visit the below link for even more tips and tricks for doing Facebook Live videos for your business! Trust us, it’ll be the best thing you’ve ever done.


Creating 25 different Facebook Ads

When it comes to creating ads on Facebook a lot of the companies we work with ask what types of ads to create and how many. When I talk with potential clients one of the things I break down for them is how to make ads contextual to the audience you are placing the ads in front of. What do I mean by that? Well, how do you know if someone will like red vs blue color of your product? Product X vs product Y vs product Z? You must create 15-20 ads per ad set inside of Facebook Ads Manager to find this out.

As you can see below, for one client we created 84 different ads in a MONTH. Why you may ask? Well, here is the coolest aspect of Facebook ads in my opinion. You can SHUT OFF ads that are not performing as well and leave ONLY the high quality, lowest cost ads running. Why is this beneficial? You will reach more people for a lower cost. But, if you never test, you will never know how good your ad is really running. Compared to what? When you create at least 10-15 ads is our recommendation, you can actually split test these ads.

Would love to have a 10-15 minute conversation with you and how we can accomplish this for your company! We are here to grow your business and add value to you! We often times give our best ideas away for FREE! :)

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 4.35.57 PM.png

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Messenger marketing is super powerful. Let's break down a case study. Recently for one of our clients, we sent out a Facebook Message campaign to over 600 people. Inside this message, we had a link directing them to a coupon page for instant CTA. This resulted in 62 people downloading the coupon. Let's say even 10 people purchased resulting in over $1,000+ in sales. One message = $1,000+. Guess how much it cost? Not a penny. That is power.

Ask us how - https://www.omnidigitalgroup.com/

What is a bot?

A bot is a total replacement for email marketing. How? Let me explain. When it comes to email marketing your marketing funnel looks something like this - You create a landing page, you have an offer to a client, they opt in with their name and email, and then you try to get them to convert on the back end. Sound familiar?

Now, let me tell you about a recent client we worked with where we used what is called a “bot”. A bot allows you to convert customers inside of a messenger platform. More specifically, Facebook messenger. What we did for this campaign was every single time a person on their Facebook page only commented on the post, we sent them an automated email through Facebook messenger that actually asked them if they wanted a coupon. Then, if they responded yes, we sent them one and instructed them what to do. That simple AND all automatically.

We captured over 300 people we can message anytime through Facebook messenger.

Imagine this - 300 emails where the open rate is 10% OR 300 people you can message on Facebook messenger where the open rate is over 95%? How about that for an ROI…

Utilize this in your business and I promise you will be happy with the result. We recommend ManyChat. See below for a link!


Cold Audience - What is it?

Have you ever heard the term cold traffic when it comes to advertising on Facebook? The purpose of this post will be to educate you around what cold traffic is for a business, what it means to you, and how you can capitalize on it. Let’s get started!

My definition of cold traffic or a cold audience on Facebook or Instagram is potential customers who have no prior knowledge or extremely limited about your company. That simple.

The lifeblood of any company is new customers. At Omni Digital our name is that from the word Omnipresence - to be everywhere, at all times. This is what we help clients with. But, when it comes to getting new customers, how do you know if your advertisements are working on new customers/a cold audience? Well, Facebook will actually tell you based on the relevancy score of your ad and how people are liking, commenting, and sharing it on Facebook. This is very big.

What does cold audience mean to your business? Well, NEW CUSTOMERS. It really is that simple. If a person does not know about your company, how can they possibly become a customer? Now, how do you capitalize on a cold audience? You take them from cold to warm. Let me explain.

Let’s say you are a sports apparel brand. You are running advertisements geared towards Men ages 25-35 to buy your baseball cleat. When you run this ad it will be Men who have never engaged with your brand on Facebook (we can help you do this at Omni Digital). What you would do with them is not to ask them for a sale right away, you could have them watch a video of your shoe being displayed. That is all. Then, you would RETARGET these potential customers on Facebook and ask for the sale. It is called retargeting. This is the secret sauce of Facebook. Next post I will give you 10 examples of what a warm audience is on Facebook.

Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you have questions.

Retailer and Store Front Business?

Are you a brick and mortar retailer? Do you have a physical storefront? Then this article is PERFECT for you.

The question I want to pose to you is how much traffic do you get to your store front vs the traffic you get to your website? Have you ever measured? I would be willing to bet it is 30 or even 40 to 1… meaning. If you have 100 people visit your website you may have 2-3 stop into your physical store. The question bares then of…

How do you get these individuals into your store front and come and physically visit you? Especially if you cannot create sales via online or eCommerce.

One of the easiest examples I can give you is to create an advertisement through Facebook of a website retargeting campaign. Here are a couple visuals to help you see this below.

When you are competing with large retailers/competitors that are doing this as a small/medium sized business you must be doing this. You are losing out on customers. Let’s say you sell furniture and you DO NOT do this and are a small business. What happens when they go to Amazon and look at similar furniture and THEY DO this? They may very well select Amazon.

Let Omni Digital Group help you run these campaigns and place you in front of “ready to buy” customers.

Please please please let us know if you have questions about Facebook retargeting… it is the MOST powerful form of advertising in existence today. We will keep creating slightly different posts about this.

This particular section allows you to use Facebook retargeting audiences - People who have bought products at your store, people who have  visited your website , people have visited your Facebook page.

This particular section allows you to use Facebook retargeting audiences - People who have bought products at your store, people who have visited your website, people have visited your Facebook page.

Here is where you can choose where Facebook pulls the data from… ALL WEBSITE VISITORS is what we would select. HUGE! Imagine placing an ad in front of EVERYONE who visits your website!!!

Here is where you can choose where Facebook pulls the data from… ALL WEBSITE VISITORS is what we would select. HUGE! Imagine placing an ad in front of EVERYONE who visits your website!!!